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MGPCS Help Desk-Global Online Support
Providing support services  for the Continental USA and its territories, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, and around the globe 24/7. You longer have to wait on the phone for a customer service representative; all of your questions, concerns and needs can be answered and resolved using our online support tool. Our account managers will be able to provide you with technical support, customer service and account management.

How it works:
1. Download/Install MGPCS Help Desk tool to your desktop:
*Click on the Globe to initiate the installation. [Install now]

2. Follow the installation prompts/accept all positive response to install the Help desk tool successfully.
3.Within the Help Desk user interface council, a session ID will generate. Enter your name and issue/concern in the appopriate box to initiate secure remote service session with an account manager.
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