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True Business Consultation

True Business Consultation is a division of McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services, Inc. True Business Consultation is a  professional, cost effective business and
technology consulting service provider. 
Our Mission
Our mission to help make businesses more efficient and profitable. We do so by providing small business consulting and advisory assistance in solving problems for firms with limited resources and/or expertise. 

Services Offered
-Are you interested in starting a business? We will assist you in setting up:
*Startup business
*Sole Proprietorship

*Incorporate in your state
*C Corporation
*S Corporation
*Small Business Annual Tax Return
*Accounting Software
*Bylaws & Corporate Forms
Small Business Consultation
Information Technology
Web Analysis
Web Design + Traffic Activity
*Merchant Accounts
*Electronic payments-Virtual Terminals
Video/CD Editing
Database Creation & Maintenance
Service Charges
Hourly: $30.00
Business Project Rates:$150.00(+)
Retainer: $250.00 + Misc. Expenses
Incorporate:$50.00 + State filing Fees

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