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With the advancement of technology in the 21st Century, it can often times become confusing and a bit overwhelming.  From downloading an email attachment, to printing pictures, usage of  Internet, email, copying CD / DVD, operating a new device, or installing a software application. MGPCS is here to help you!  We offer private and group sessions, delivered utilizing the various learning styles, instructed by competent and passionate instructors. Gradual steps and your commitment to learning,  increases your probability of grasping computer terminology, PC usage and one step closer to becoming an independent PC user.  Call now to make an appointment.
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Services offered:
-Computers Basics:
-Internet Basics
-Email Basics
-Social Media Basics
-Microsoft Office
-Microsoft Word
 Power point,  
-Typing class
-Tech  Savvy Tips and Tricks
-Information Research                                                     

One  hour minimum training sessions available.  
 $25.00 hourly.  
Promotional Special Running through December 2017.
Computer 101 Training
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