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Malwarebytes AntiMalware Pro Lifetime 1 PC
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Malware-bytes Anti-Malware Pro Lifetime License 1PC- Installation Disk
Lifetime 1PC- DISK
Price: $79.99
Malware-bytes Anti-Malware Pro Lifetime License
1 PC (Digital Download)
Price: $69.99

: New
Brand: Malwarebytes Lifetime license
: Anti-Malware/Spyware 
Platform: Windows XP, Vista,7 & 8, 10; 512 MB of RAM
Format: Digital/CD delivery
License category: Business-to-Consumer
UPC: 771028237401
Language: English

*Lifetime License key is for 1 PC.
*Activation from any country.
*MGPCS Tech Support PC technicians are available to assist with installation, configuration, and activation if needed, at no additional cost.

 Please note that Malwarebytes is now selling a 1-year subscription plan for Malwarebytes, designated Malwarebytes Premium, instead of this lifetime version Malwarebytes Pro. Lifetime license of Malwarebytes are being phased out,  but existing lifetime subscriptions (Malwarebytes Pro Keys) will be honored by Malwarebytes into the future. 
Pro is paid version of 1.x (before 3/24/2014), and Premium is the paid version of 2.x (after 3/24/2014).  There is no difference except the name associated with the different versions of the software. Upon installation of the software, you will be prompted with the option of updating to the latest edition of Malwarebytes (Optional, but recommended).  Software installation CD/ activation key delivered via USPS,[ MGPCS Distribution warehouse Packaging only, no retail box]The disc is in a factory sealed CD sleeve with the license code located on the back of the sleeve.  *Disk Image displayed above*