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Real Reviews by Real MGPCS Tech Support Customers

"I appreciatey MGPCS so much, the skill level of the techs, their attention to business details and friendliness. They even go out of their way to assist in getting things done for the customer. This is nearly unheard of this day in time. Keep up the good work. My friend is still gun shy of IT people but she uses "my guys" to work on her computer. She can't believe they are "for real". Love Ya'll. (Ms. Jeane)
-Regina F. (04/18/2016)

Everyone I have encountered at your business has been so good and knowledgeable. They teach the programs that keep my hardware working. I truly wish that I had found this company before I got involved with ATS. I have referred several of my friends to you as well. I continue to refer folks to you as I am asked about Tech Support. Thank you for your wonderful Company.

"The technician connected to my desktop, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He added my desktop to the business work-group, and then added the printer with printer sharing. I am now able to print from my pc to the main printer. Thanks."
- Blair H. (02/11/2016)

"It was with a great deal of trepidation that I goggled for a company to help me fix whatever it was that was causing both my desktop and my laptop to perform like molasses on a frigid day.I selected MGPCS Tech Support and did my first scans with their software, which detected 10,008 errors/problems of one sort or another. Clearly my computers needed a little attention.The end of the story is that they cleaned things up and both machines are running smoothly and are much better protected than before from malware. But what impressed me most about MGPCS Tech Support was their people - they were patient, professional, prompt, properly communicative, and I'm going to repeat patient because I'm not that knowledgeable about this area.Very pleased with their service. Would use them again, and recommend them to others" 
Elana A. (02/09/2016)

Very pleased with the Tech. Since this was the first time you guys accessed my machine he went through everything while at the same time telling me exactly what he was doing. Extremely helpful and polite. Am very satisfied with the service and knowing that I'm finally in safe hands. Advance Tech Support didn't turn out to be safe.
Darrell M. (01/15/2016)

I was caught up in the ATS web and badly in need of Tech Support. I received an email on my phone and it was like an angel had been sent. I called and I was so happy to find a wonderful gentleman at the other end of the phone and he really helped me a lot. In fact I even put my hubbys computer with you as well. I am so pleased to be able to have tech support back. Thank you so much for being there.
R. Fox(12/13/2015)

impressed with the follow up after you had your own server problem thank you.
Larry B.(11/17/2015)

Christmas is always hectic for me! This year I fell behind in my Christmas shopping, and it looked like I was going to ruin my kids Christmas. My son wanted the new Halo 4 game, plus the Xbox Halo Edition Console. I searched every where, and I was not able to find it. Amazingly, I searched on Bing, and I found this site. As soon as I opened the link, I saw the Xbox Halo Console that I was looking for. Without thinking, I purchased it. I called the customer support hotline, to see if the item could be overnight. No hesitation, "Yes" was the answer. It cost me a pretty penny, but I got the Xbox console in the after noon before Christmas, and my sons Christmas was not ruined. Thank you  so much!
Dan C. - Belview, Fl (12/24/2015)

The whole process of ordering online was  very user friendly and simple. l was informed constantly on  the  shipping and delivery status.  Well done.  Keep it up.
Howard D. - Jamaica, NY ( 12/01/2015)

I encountered McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services  while browsing on the web. I was initially skeptical;  Previously I had bought all my computers (desktops and laptops) from Dell, but wanted to be able to have a PC built to my own specification. The  website is very easy to use - and when I rang to seek help and advice, that too was clear and helpful.  I was kept informed about the progress of the order. Delivery was exactly as promised; and packaging excellent.  The computer exceeds my expectations. It is super-fast (without being super pricey), quiet and small; and is exactly as I specified.  So far I am delighted with the product and the service I have had and would thoroughly recommend the company to anyone buying a new PC.
Charles T. - St. Petersburg, Fl ( 11/31/2015)

I ordered a laptop and the service was wonderful. From the moment you place an order to the time it ships, you're kept informed of the progress. The laptop is well built to a very high standard. Everything works well and I'd recommend this site to anyone thinking of buying a new pc/laptop. The prices are excellent as well.
Jon W- Atlanta, GA  (09/01/2015)

If you are going to buy a computer and want something special order through McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services. I found them to totally fulfill the following.  Really helpful advice given and very fast response.  Ordering process and time taken was very quick.
Packaging was excellent.  Computer works like a dream, everything was setup lovely, just had to plug it in and lots of extra connections were included that were appreciated and used.  I am really happy with this companies performance in all areas
.Noel E. Boca Raton, Fl ( 08/16/2015)

My grandmother is a pretty old lady, but she has always wanted to learn how to use the computer. I am  a college student and I am always to busy to teach her. However, I made it my priority to find a PC trainer for her at a reasonable price. I checked online and found McCurrie Gadgets, and contacted them. My grandmother has walking issues, and I thought that that would be an issue, but the agent said that he would come to the home, and teach the lessons. He brought everything, even a laptop for my grandmother to use. I stayed and watched the agent teach my grandmother how to turn on the computer. I was touched, because I could see the dedication and patience that the agent had. He was not getting annoyed or irritated, he went above and beyond!    An hour and a half  pasted and the trainer still had a smile on his face, though my grandmother kept asking him the same questions over and over. Long Story short, he only charged us for the Hour lesson, and said that he would come on a regular basis. I have never seen such dedication in a person working with the elderly. This Company truly left an impression on me. Two thumbs up!!
Sarah R. - Tamarac, FL ( 07/12/2015)

I work for a small law firm in Miami, and the office always had some technical issues.  I remember an email  that I received from McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services back in early May, for Pc services. I called them up, explained to them what was going on, and they said that they would drive down to South Miami to fix the issue. 45 minutes later, they are in the office, and problem solved. Turn's out that our internet modem, and a few switches  was dying and needed to be replaced. What I like about this company is that, they are there when you need them, not to mention that the fees was very reasonable. We need more company's like McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services.
James K. - Miami, Fl ( 06/22/2015)

These guys are amazing and so knowledgeable. I had troubles after installing service pack 3 for windows xp, my computer failed boot up. i brought it into them and they said they would charge their diagnosis fee, which wasn't much, to find out whats wrong and wave it if i decided to go with a service. they called me back the same day to let me know they could fix it! i approved the work and picked it up the next morning.Very Fast Service, I was impressed!
Joseph J.- Ft. Lauderdale, Fl (05/24/2015)

Very professional and honest computer support store! I found this company in Lauderhill  and they helped me with a Windows PC that was not starting up correctly. Very reasonable prices, especially compared to what  Tech USA was going to charge m e!! Saved  $150 bucks, and definitely got it back faster than I would have if I went with the other company. While I waited, I checked out their website, and found a really cool electronics gadget.
-David O. - Lauderhill, Fl  (05/23/2015)

" I was not expecting the results that I received,  since this was a new business; but to my surprise , I got more than I was expecting.  My computer is  running at optimal speed and performance. I am startled  by the vast  volume of unnecessary files and errors the agent  found and removed with each scan.  McCurrie Gadgets is  a great PC solution company,  backed up with wonderful customer service."
Sherah  A. -  Miami, Fl (04/01/2015)
" " Very helpful and patient and I would definitely use this service again. It was a lifesaver. I tried every thing in my power to get rid of a nasty, sticky virus; thank you McCurrie Gadgets & Pc Services."
Brenda W. - Seattle, Washington (03/05/2015)

“The level of service at McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services is fantastic. Having been a customer for 3 months, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Sam T. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (03/05/2015)
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. McCurrie Gadgets & PC Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Bernard C. - Margate, Fl  (03/01/2015)

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