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Watchdog AntiMalware - 
Lifetime of Device 1-PC 

Watchdog-Anti-Malware-FullBox-328x328[1]Developer Brand: Development
Manufacturer Part #: WAM-LD-1U-OEM
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"A one time investment that pays for itself over time!"-PC Source

Watchdog AntiMalware - Lifetime of Device 1-PC
Digital Download
Price: $299.00

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**A Lifetime of Device license is defined as referring to the lifetime of the PC. Furthermore, Lifetime Licenses are NOT transferable to one PC to another and are NOT transferable if a customer reformats the same hard drive, or decides to install a new hard drive on same PC, or decides to delete a previously activated Watchdog Anti-Malware with a Lifetime License and re-install it at a later date.** WatchDog Antimalware is the replacement for Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro. 
 Effective multi-engine malware scanner
Effective multi-engine malware scanner
t's simply not possible to install dozens of different anti-virus programs on your computer because they'll conflict with each other, but even it you could it would be prohibitively expensive. We've come up with a way to provide you with several anti-virus scanners to catch malware that your primary anti-virus program misses all at a fraction of the price. And it is point-and-click easy to use
Real Time-Cloud Based Protection
There are over 1-2 thousand viral and malware threat that hits the world web daily. With real time protection in place, the very instance that a new threat hits the internet, WatchDog updates your PC to block that threat going forward. This ensures that your PC is protected 24/7 with real time protection. New age technology at its peek!
Real Time-Cloud Based Protection
How It Works
How It Works
Step 1. First you simply start a scan.
Step 2. Anti-Malware analyzes your files and when our software finds a suspicious file, it passes the fingerprint to our Cloud Scanning Platform where many different anti-virus engines perform checks. Milliseconds later, our Cloud Scanning Platform marks the file as safe or malicious, or else asks Anti-Malware to upload it for further examination.
Step 3. Anti-Malware rapidly sets about removing any confirmed malicious software
Why cloud-based multi-engine scanning?
In 2014, more than 317 million new malware threats were released. No single engine can detect all threats, so one anti-virus engine is no longer sufficient. Only by using multi-engine scanning technology can you ensure that no threat goes undetected. That's why Anti-Malware uses many different anti-virus
 Why cloud-based multi-engine scanning?
Complementary Purchase Perks
Complementary Purchase Perks
What included with this purchase:
*1 year of Software Support
*1 Free PC Tuneup & Optimization Service
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