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Watchdog-Privacy-Guard-500x500-328x328[1]Watchdog ID 
& Privacy Guard - Lifetime of Device 1-PC 

Developer Brand:
Manufacturer Part #: WAM-LD-1U-OEM
Availability: In Stock
MSRP Price:$149.99 USD
Delivery Method: Digital Download

"A one time investment that pays for itself over time!"-PC Source
Watchdog ID & Privacy Guard - Lifetime of Device 1-PC
Digital Download
Price: $99.99

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**A Lifetime of Device license is defined as referring to the lifetime of the PC. Furthermore, Lifetime Licenses are NOT transferable to one PC to another and are NOT transferable if a customer reformats the same hard drive, or decides to install a new hard drive on same PC, or decides to delete a previously activated Watchdog Anti-Malware with a Lifetime License and re-install it at a later date.** WatchDog ID & Privacy is the replacement for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit . 

Feature: Proactive Online Identity Protection
Benefit: Secure you & your family’s personal data, finances, health information, and searches from the hackers, Big Brother, and identity thieves. 
Feature: Real-time Tracking Detection
Benefit: Discover the websites attempting to nab your personal information and block their tracking technology.  
Feature: One-click Cookie Removal
Benefit: Keep your browsing history private by deleting advanced super cookies and files that reveal the things you do online. 

Feature: Private Search
Benefit: Search the web without having your searches stored in a database or shared with third parties.